Covid - 19

Reopening Protocol Updates!

Hi Everyone, 
As we welcome everyone back, I want to reassure you that your fantastic experience will continue, and we will adapt to any current changes.  My goal at Nikki Tans has always been for everyone to feel comfortable. 

In the last three months, I have been working on creating an even better Nikki Tans experience! As most of you know, the website is redesigned.  You can now read about my travels, shop online, and be the first to know about upcoming events.  

The shop has been renovated!  The boutique and the tanning room is freshly painted, I added a dressing room for everyone’s convenience, new merchandise displays, and a storage area for merchandise that will remain prepackaged. Beautiful dresses arrived today just in time for summer. 

Reopening FAQ's
As most of you already know, I have always have worn a mask and gloves while airbrushing and required all customers to wear a mask for everyone's safety. There are not a lot of changes.  I have always kept up with technology changing, contactless features are already in place, and we will be implementing them going forward.  

What to do when I arrive for my tanning appointment? Text Nikki Tans, and let us know you have arrived. Wait in your car, and we will text you to let you know when to enter the shop.  When you enter the shop through the front entrance, you are required to wear a mask, and a Nikki Tans employee will spray your hands with hand sanitizer (no gloves). If you need a mask, we have plenty! Let us know if you need one, we will bring it out to your car.  

How many customers will be inside the store at one time? 3 customers at a time. 

Can I try on clothes? Yes! We are following the same system as we had prior to Covid 19.  All our merchandise in its original package sealed and ready to wear! 

How do I pay? We are using the same square platform but implementing our contactless feature. 

Is there a COVID - 19 Fee? A small fee of $6.50 will be added to your order. This is not a permanent charge and we hope to remove this charge sooner then later. 

Can I pay with cash or leave a cash gratuity? We are accepting cash as payment or gratuity but we are trying to limit cash transactions for now. Credit card payment is best.  You can add gratuity to your credit card or we are now accepting Venmo as a gratuity option.  

When will you process my payment? Payment will be processed before your airbrush application.

If I am wearing a mask, can my face get airbrushed? Yes, of course! As per usual, at the end of your application, the airbrush artist will ask you to remove your mask and airbrush your face while social distancing. Once you have dried for a few minutes and you're ready to leave the tanning room, you will exit out our backdoor.

How will each room get cleaned after every customer? Each room has medical grade disinfectant that is used in hospitals and nursing homes.  Each area will be cleaned between customers.  

Can I use the bathroom? For now the bathroom is used for employees only and emergencies.  

Can I return or exchange merchandise? Our policy’s has not changed, all merchandise is final sale. 

Can I use my Promotional Postcard for a discounted price?  Yes! If you receive a postcard that expired during March we will gladly honor the promotional price (in store only). Your new expiration date is June 30th 2020. Please bring the postcard with you.   Promotional Postcard will be mailed following a schedule we have in place.  This week and next we are scheduled to mail out three times the amount of promotional cards to those who have a birthday in March, April and May.  

If you have any questions, email us at or text us at 908.295.9729   

We are so excited to see you! Xx

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