A Postcard from Capri

A Postcard from Capri

I traveled to Capri for the first time last August and immediately fell in love with the Italian island’s spectacular scenery and electric-blue sea. The elegant beach vibe – with celebrities anchored in the Marina Grande – is just my style. I could spend all summer there, indulging in Lacrimarosa rośe, visiting the boutiques and swimming.

We stayed at the Hotel Caesar Augustus, an ancient cliff-edge villa turned into the island’s only five-star luxury hotel. Nestled on the island’s highest rock of Solaro, the hotel has a magical feel and is intimate enough that the owner greets every arriving guest in person.

Everywhere we ate was fantastic, but my heart leans to the cliff-side Il Ricco, where we discovered our love for Lacrimarosa while gazing out over the Blue Grotto.

One highlight was a shuttle boat ride from the port to a private beach club called La Fontelina, world-famous for its blue-and-white- striped umbrellas. From the club we went swimming beneath the Faraglioni, those large rocks that are featured in so many scenic shots of the island.

Of course, the business owner in me insisted on checking out the local trade. We got custom handmade sandals at Il Sanddalo Caprese by the famous Salvatore Pandolfi, whose customers have included Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Soraya, Julia Roberts and Jacqueline Kennedy. As an entrepreneur in the fashion industry myself, I was impressed with the one-of-a-kind personal service provided us. Rarely do you see someone taking so much pride in their work!

The entire trip brought me back to my Italian roots and made me so proud of my ancestors who emigrated from Italy to the United States. The visit also reinforced my belief in taking pride in your work, which is why I maintain high standards for the quality of service I provide my clients back in New Jersey.

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